About Us

Established in 1999, Small to Tall Preschool has been providing children a play based educational environment, focused on learning, social skills, building self confidence and self esteem in a secure and loving atmosphere.  Our staff is dedicated, qualified, hard working and passionate about the children in their care.  Our love of children and our experience in teaching proves to make for a warm and nurturing atmosphere for learning.

The staff is aware that all children develop differently, at individual times and have individual needs.  We assess the children’s level of development and the teacher’s create their program accordingly.  Our programs are developed from staff discussions, workshops and team planning.  As the children grow and change we keep our program creative and current to their needs.  We have a variety of programs and learning experiences for the children.  We offer experiences that will peak their interest and give them the desire to learn.  Our programs are designed for children ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years old.  We create a sense of security, individualized attention and love by keeping our classes small with a high teacher ratio.

We have designed our program to assist the children in developing the following skills as they become ready:

Social and Emotional development begins the very first day of school.  Learning to separate from their families and share the next few hours with a room full of their peers.  Our staff is sensitive to the emotions of your children and will create a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere.  Each class is created to prepare the child for the following year of school.  Although we are here to prepare your children for the future, we are also working for the here and now.  The everyday developments and achievements of the kids,no matter how small or large, the gift of happiness and joy is what we strive for.

Fine Motor skills are fostered as children learn to zip, button, snap and tie.   They are introduced to cutting, gluing, painting, puzzle manipulation, musical instruments and a wide variety of play toys.  Our school follows the Handwriting Without Tears philosophy and method to introduce the wonderful world of writing to our students.   Both their program and ours believe and encourage the development of the motor skills needed to learn to write properly, rather than the pressure of “having” to learn to write the letters in alphabetical order.  We exercise these beliefs with our youngests of students in the Terrific Two class by offering playdough, fingerpaint and other tactile tools to assist in exploring the letters.  Our Three’s are introduced to Mat Man, a “figure” from The HWT program.  They work with wooden pieces, legos, playdough, string and writing materials.  They learn to create and identify letters by “putting together the different shapes”.  Our Fours & Fives are exposed to an environment to be comfortable both mentally and physically to be ready to write at anytime at their own individual ability.   All students are supported and encouraged to write at their comfort level and offered the tools to improve their skills in an environment that is desirable.   To continue to develop our student’s fine motor skills,  all classrooms offer the students a variety of manipulatives from puzzles, peg boards, lacing boards, scissors to stencils, just to name a few.

Large Motor skills are developed as children learn to skip, hop, run, and climb. Movement is an important part of the program.  Young children are developing and refining their motor abilities during the first six years of life.  Children need to dance, play active games and learn to share space.   We have a big beautiful playground and plenty of space both indoors and outdoors to move our bodies EVERY day!  All curriculums encourage both movement of the mind AND body.

Academically children develop differently and will not learn letters, read or write all at the same time.  However, it will be introduced and children will progress at their own pace.  We will build on their skills through rhymes, reading books, song, puzzles, crafts and games.  Our first priority is to keep them safe, love them, offer them security, build their self confidence and offer them the gift of friendship and community.                                                    

Our program will continue to be a positive experience to families with your help.  We invite your input to continue to make you and your child comfortable here at our school, with our staff and our policies.  Your comments, suggestions, concerns and compliments are important to us.  Please feel free to speak with your teacher or myself, Miss Kristen, Director.
While we try to teach children all about life, children teach us what life is all about.”